Mr. Y lived in a room on the second floor of the pre-bubble house (6 tatami mats) as a company residence.

Mr. A visited in the room and played with games and TV sitting there for about half a day there and then it was said that he was going home as the hungry decreased, but Mr. A first got out into the hallway and Y Turned off the light and came out in the hallway.

Then, in front of Mr. A, I will lock on the door that opens inside as a matter of course, Mr. Y will walk first.

But, Mr. A suddenly turned his eyes to the door knob. Because Mr. Y is hanging on the key, there is no way to open it. However,

"Gacha, Don!"

The door knob turned and was pulled inside.
Naturally the key is hanging so it will not open, but ... A does not touch anything on the door knob.

Mr. Y is walking ahead.
As there are rooms in a single room, nobody is supposed to be inside.

And Mr. A seems to have fled Mitsuyuki to escape from his heartlessly.
After all, Mr. A talked about the circumstances, after two people