In a small shrine in the mountains in the middle of the mountain, I went to the test of liver at four o'clock in the middle of the night with my friend.
At the entrance of the mountain path, they divided into two groups, one pair waited at the entrance, and the other advanced to the feeling that one pair went to the shrine ...

In the shrine there are two fox faces inside and each pair of people felt like returning with a fox face, if there is anything contact me by phone.
It was the rule that those who gave screams and screams lost.

I came back with an unfriendly face for the first group.
Our number came, we opened the door about the shrine, took out the fox side and attached it myself.
I had no sense of incongruity ...

I came back to the entrance and it was impossible to get off the fox face.
At that time I was impatient but watched me with a look that surprised three people without putting out some lights.

"Hey, is it all right?" I thought that something was attached to my face When I touch