A "Nah, it seems that a corpse was found in the house where I lived before."
B "Eh, are you a fool?"
A "So, I have not posted or written on various newspapers, the Internet, TV, etc ..."
B "Wow ,,,"
A "Something, I was a woman in her early twenties, she took off one of her shoes, she wore a yellow skirt on Orange's clothes and there was a cosmetic, a smartphone or a wallet in the back. .. Afterwards, the police have bought it, but I should have already been transported. "
B "Eh, real? Suicide?"
A "I do not know until that, but ..."
B "Ah, that's right ... I'm sorry, it's about time we went to bed."
A "Ah, sorry ... Thank you"
BA "Bye bye (` · ω ·) ノ '

Next day,,,

A ",,,, that?"