My friend talked about meaning fear.

At the beginning I was not afraid of meaning I was laughing and talking with a feeling, but I was completely addicted to the meaning fear while listening.

There were a lot of meaningful apps in the smartphone, and when we met with friends two people were excited every time.

Today I also met my friends in a nearby park but it was too exciting and talked till late at night

I am safe because my friend sent me a car.

Then the friend took out the smartphone and said somewhere.
I did not get into well though I was almost sleeping.

Surely meaningful fear I said that I wanted to see the app and opened my smartphone. Maybe.

So, about an hour passed.
I stopped at a convenience store on the way and my friend called someone.

Electric light of the convenience store is too bright, I got cranked and closed my eyes I went to bed but lol

That's why he reached me now.

So where am I?