I am sorry if it is difficult to read.
And although it may not be scary, I will post it.

There are not any people who have inspiration in my surroundings, but the only thing was that my seniors in club activities when I was a university had an inspiration.
I do not know that seniors are spiritual at drinking party, but I decided to look at other seniors.

as a result,

"Behind you you can see a lizard with sunglasses on it."

And it was.

It was no longer a big burst of laughter, but only the one I saw was silent and looking at my face with a serious look.

Where I became what happened,

"Oh, when I was little, I have baked eyes of a lizard with magnifying glasses"

Although it became subtle air to the remark of Bossotsu, I am amazing how inspirational is! Seniors are incredible! I was thinking.

that's all.
Excuse me.