This is the story I experienced.
It is what happened at last GW.

I am glad that you can see everything in this incident because I was mentally damned so much.

Middle of GW I came with my family to clean up the house of a grandpa who passed away in April.

Because the house is in the rural area with only rice fields and the land is wide, I ran around and running around every time I came.

The moment we reached, that memory cried unexpectedly to my mind.

And then I finished tidying up my last house today and I got a breath I came in the room on the second floor where I liked it and lay down in the center of the room.

At the corner of the room is a square hole I opened when it is small.

I felt that I came back in that moment.
When I was looking at the hole for a while, I saw the appearance of a grandparent who I loved.

I thought that ... I thought that I was a dream, but it was really a grandpa.

My grandfather opened my mouth as I said, contrary to my feeling that I am happy and happy