Things about five years ago when my son A was a junior high school student.

On the night of New Year 's Eve, A, who went out for a New Year' s visit with a male friend of 4 to 5 people, seems to go to the neighbor 's graveyard for a test of liver on the way home.

So, when I shot a movie with a tablet (since I did not have a cell phone at that time ...), listen to me because the voice of the spirit was in! It was said.

It seems to me anyhow, like a TV psychic program, it is a bosombo-son that does not understand what you are saying unless you add a subtitle? W
I was stupid inside, but ...

The image of the movie was dark and it was in a state of what was being reflected.
A people are singing songs like something stupid but on the way

"Alright now ♪"

The girls' voices were included in the phrase clearly and hidefully enough to be truly amazed.

A do not notice the voice until confirming the movie and I have not heard rumors that something happened in this cemetery as far as I know ...