Although it is not customs, the Jizo called "Okorobisan" in the neighborhood of the house? There is.

There was a rumor that when you hit the head of Okoro Bisan, you rumor that you will definitely fall, and when I was a child, when I tried to hit it, I was thrust away from behind and fell down to perfect.

Then I was scared for a while and did not hit my head, but when I started thinking about being a junior high school student, such as "It was just a coincidence", what happens when I hit the head of Okoro Bisan on my bicycle riding home I tried hitting my head with a curious thought.

Oh well or something like that, on the way my front wheel of the bicycle broke and crashed and I was injured in a broken bone fracture.

I guess what will happen if I ride a car and hit my head, but I do not have the courage to strike.