This is a story I experienced at a friend's house.

In your house, when you turn on the lights in the room, it does not happen if it is recent, but is it old, is not it Chika, is not it felt like a patch?

In my friend 's house the electricity of each room is of old type, and it is feeling that electricity sticks after a little standing

When I put my luggage in my friend's room and turned on the lights in the room, when I became chika, chika chika, a long fucking woman who had a great shape in front of me caught my hand reached for myself However, it was a momentary thing, when the light arrived, there was nothing there.

In case of
It was awfully scary, and if I rushed out of the room and talked to a friend about that

There was a couple who lived in this house before, I do not know the reason, but my wife hung the head in that room.

Sorry, I never thought I could see it, so I did not say it. But he seems not to be able to leave that room.

My friend still lives in that room. Sometimes I for