This is the story of my first-year education of the SDF.

It was an old wooden building that we lived in.

It was such a building that the floor became giggy and sounds when walking.

Education came in the middle stage, soon it approached Golden week and everyone was excited.

One day a soldier A got 39 degrees of fever and only one person stayed there on the day of Golden Week.

That night ... A You feel uncomfortable when you are asleep.

Although there should be only one person, it is clear that someone is sleeping in the next bed.

A goes out of the room with goose-bumps rushing,
I went to the roommate's room and reported this.

When the group leader and A are terribly entering that room,
The futon is on the top and someone is sleeping. When the group leader and Mr. A touches the approach approach softly, the futon becomes peppers,
The group leader and Mr. A left the room in a hurry,
A was supposed to go to bed with the head.

The place where I lived when I asked later was the place