A story about when I went for a walk with my sister and a dog.

At dusk. My sister draws a lead and walks along with the dog.
I'm walking behind that, maybe a crowd of lower rank.

In the middle of the walking course of the dog, there is a four-story reinforced concrete apartment.
No one lives, but it does not mean ruin. I will also point the fluorescent lamps on the stairs properly.

It is a story I heard from my mother, it is a municipal apartment and I plan to rebuild it in a few years.

The residents have already been transferred to a newly built apartment, and these buildings are said to be left as reserve when the number of occupants increases.

Well, the child had rumors of selfishness, for example because there was a murder case, ghosts appeared.

The dog suddenly pulled the lead strongly and ran out when I passed in front of the apartment.
My younger sister rolls and the lead comes out of her arm.

A dog rushes into an apartment with a tremendous dash. And as I say ha ha, I run up th