This is a story I experienced three years ago.

It is a story of feeling that I had experienced it or something.

I am not scared at all, but it is a true story.

An apartment where you can live two households in a two story house (?)
I lived in.

Another household lives on the second floor.

My brother and mother lived there about a year ago and I talked about when I came to play for about 3 months on college vacation.


I am the only one at home.

Pouring milk into the cup in the kitchen, I felt someone was walking behind, so turning around was where the man just left the corridor.

I could not see it almost for a moment but I thought that it was not a mistake to see.

My brother and mother came home from work around 6 o'clock in the evening.

Talking about the man who I saw in the day earlier, my brother talked about the first time my life was lifted and a man looked into me from above.

I have experienced a miserable psychic gesture still in su