A mother feeding one month old baby.

As the baby got to sleep, she died in a traffic accident when she went shopping at home for a baby.

Because the identity was unknown, we could not contact and it was made to be an unrelated Buddha, and one baby was left in the room, but no one was noticed and it was left as it was.

A couple of weeks later, because the rent has been delinquent, the landlord visits the room but there is no reply, when asking other residents, because I do not see it recently,

"Thinking that it was able to escape at night,"

When I entered the room using the key, the inside of the room was quiet and dim.

I tried to turn on the light, but the electricity seemed to be stopped, the light did not come on and I looked around in a dimly lit room, the furniture remained in the room with the feeling of life as it was.

The kewpie doll was left behind in the middle of the room,

When picking up "I ran too hastily and ran away"

Black Kewpie dolls broke apart and broke away, count