I had a boyfriend.

I often go to my boy 's house, but sometimes I forget something.

So, I will leave something behind and I am going to my boy 's house now.

When I got to the boyfriend's house and pushing with my pinpong, my boyfriend will not come out, so I opened it when I opened the door.

When I saw it, the electricity was gone, it was pitch dark.


"I came to pick you up because I forgot something"

I went home good house.

Then the incident occurred.

My boyfriend was being killed.

There was a police in front of the boyfriend's house,
When my boyfriend was killed when I heard the story,
I was wearing my wallet,
Paper was written on the desk,
Something is written on the paper,

"You did not have to turn on the light on that paper"

It was written.

If I turned on the light at that time, I might have been killed.