A junior high school had a girlfriend who was 5 friends.
Five people were always playing together, both on vacation days and lunch breaks, even after coming home.
Everyone swore friendship.

However, if the student who is always taking leadership is selfish or selfish
The other four people began to beat up behind their backs.
It gradually escalated and forced her to commit suicide.

Four people did not think that it would be such a thing, and I was upset.
Was it a dark feeling, one student,
Four people told me that I should go somewhere quietly on my next vacation. Nobody opposed it.

Four people went out to the mountain, there were no people in the surroundings, only the spectacular scenery was spreading.
The four people left photographs as memories with the instant camera I bought at a convenience store on the way.


Is there a self-timer attached to the instant camera?
So, why did you take pictures of 4 people?