I'm investigating a case.

8 years ago, an adult woman kidney murder case.
The name of the damaged woman is Tomoko Shinozaki.

She seems to have been a beautiful woman in the neighborhood.
A woman with a good appearance and character and well-being.

Why did I have to be killed.

And another, strange thing.

Everyone who died in Yuko Shinozaki's house died in some form.
There is a person who sent a mail to his family just before his death.

I could talk with the family.

Father "My son asked for help for the first time ... nothing we can do for him! ... what a disappointing thing!"

I ... "Well ... sorrow, I understand well, but I would like you to tell me all of your sorrows!"

Father "Yes, this is the last one"

I "This is ..."

Help me feel as if you are snappy with Yuna

My guess.
Help me have a stuffed chef
Help me have a bloody woman

It would be Mr. Tomoko Shinozaki who passed away.

I will continue the investigation in the future.
Someone who knows about thi