This is an event I experienced at a hospital I was used to when I was a primary school student.

That day also occurred as usual examination was over and while waiting for payment with the parents in the lobby it happened.

I always get my examination while sitting in a chair that is located in the lobby,
I was just watching the corridor following the department of medicine.

I saw a small boy coming here.
At first I did not wonder, but as I gradually approached, I noticed that the child was not an ordinary boy.

That child,
The body is transparent ...
The wall on the other side was clearly visible.

I was surprised, I could not take my eyes off the child, and I have been chasing the child with eyes.

That child passed by me with laughter, and went away a bit at a distance.


It seems that the child disappears at that time ... As a child seems to be amazed by his parents, I think now that my mother was at the place I disappeared.