I moved to a certain place.

I have not gotten used to it yet, but my fulfilling days were late.

One day when going to garbage throwing a suspicious man came running, it was a terrible momentum, I was about to shave, but a shoulder collided.

I ran away without apologizing.
It was really panicking.

And then I went home.
And when I saw my shoulder I could not sleep because I was afraid that day with blood.

When I opened the curtain that came in the morning, there was no fuss around here as to where the incident was when the police were there.

Then, when I looked through the peephole where Ting Pong and the interphone rang, there was a police ago a while ago.

Why? Although I thought I could open it, there was an incident here.

I was told that, Oh, I thought he was that thing, because my work was tampered with, I did not dare say not to be troublesome.

And one day when I look at the news, I heard that there was a murder case around here.

Fortunately the culprit was said to have been