This is the story that I experienced.

I was talking scary as I called a friend.
In the meantime, around 3 o'clock in the morning, let's finish the telephone soon. It was going to end, but both of us were still not sleepy so I kept talking.

My mother came out to smoke and when he was talking while talking, her mother suddenly turned pale and then went inside and closed the window key and closed the curtain.

I misunderstood and tried to mail my mother.

My friend also asked me "What's wrong?"
I was talking that I did not understand, a reply from my mother came.

Then, I am in the back.
And just sent a single word what? I reply and my mother is nearby. Get in early. And reply came.

I was surprised and thought about entering it, but I was told that my mother closed the key and remembered that I was not tightening.

When I opened it with half-truth, it was not really tightened, I hurriedly went inside and told all my friends.

When I continued the phone call and switched to the camera, there