At that time I had a girlfriend who promised to get married.
I liked her, but I also liked her parents.

Something like going home, like drinking alcohol or eating rice together like a family, they were being cute like a son.

However, one day.
Her father was destroyed.
It was end stage cancer.

It was in a state where there was no way to hand it.
I went to the hospital every day as much as possible.

At the bedside I grabbed my dad's thin hand and promised to make her happy.

One day I got late at work and went home at last train.
I noticed it when I turned on the lights in the room.

The clock on the wall is stopped.
Alarm clock as well.
All the time until the clock is stopped at the same time.

At that time, my home phone rang.
It was from her.

Dad, Dad! ︎
To tell the truth, she cried.

My father passed away the time the clock hands in my room was showing.

I'll ask him.
Finally I thought my father came to greet me.