It happened on my way home from a friend's house I always playing with by bicycle.

The friend's house is about 2 kilometers away with my house, so we have several patterns on the way back so we will change each time and go home.

That day, I chose a dark route somehow on the Higan, somehow I ran it while thinking that I had failed a bit.

There is a public phone box type thing next to the meeting place in one place, but there seems to be a gloomy person when I saw it a bit, I thought that some people called this place at this time It is time to pass by.

I do not use the phone, I am staring here.

And the body is translucent, who is this you can not see? I felt scared, desperately stroking, turning around behind, I could not open the door and stood standing in the roadway.

I was impatient with the feeling that I was chased at the same time as my back felt choked and I got a great speed and I got about 30 km / h.

I caught on a signal nearby and turned around behind but I was relieved because n